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Drain cleaning

Arthur Plumbing and Heating provides sewer and drain cleaning services in US. We operate 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. No extra charge for nights, weekends and holidays. We clean/snake clogged drain, main sewer, bathtub, kitchen sink, vanity sink, shower stall, toilet, urinal, tub, storm sewer, outside drains such as floor drain, yard drain, leader drain, roof drain.

The unexpected cost could be with your plumbing or septic system. I am sure most of us have at one time or another used some chemical product to unclog a drain, plumbing, or septic system. While sometimes effective, these products are not good for the environment, are generally poisonous, can create heat, and have bad smelling and potentially noxious fumes.

Arthur Plumbing and Heating has developed a drain cleaning system that address these issues and can prevent needless expenditures, saving you thousands of dollars!